GEMS Refer-a-Friend

Take advantage of the GEMS Refer-a-Friend program and earn unlimited referral fees!

At GEMS we believe in quality. The quality of our teachers directly impacts on the quality of education provided. It's our duty to provide every child in our care the education that is promised. We know that you share this vision of quality, and that you talk about this with family and friends. As a thank you for your recommendations we at GEMS have put together a program that recognises the endorsement you offer our schools – GEMS Refer-a-Friend.

EARN unlimited referral fees!

Here's how it works

  • Click the refer a friend link and enter your log in details and then your friend's details
  • You and your friend will both receive an email from us with a referral code
  • Your friend should use the code when they complete an online registration form for a GEMS school. We won't know to thank you if they forget to use the code
  • Enjoy your thank you once your friend's child has successfully enrolled and settled
exclusive offer

Our way of saying thank you

For each new student that is successfully enrolled in any GEMS school we'll give you:


Receive a financial reward for your referral

(please see Terms and Conditions below)




to AAQ Parents' association and all funds will be driven back into the school for educational resources/activities for the children of our school

Terms & conditions

  1. The Refer a Friend program is for enrolments in September 2017-18 for years Pre-K to Grade 11
  2. In addition for Pre-K we will offer the RAF financial reward for term 2 starters in January 2017 as well as next year
  3. For each referred child successfully enrolled you will receive a financial reward equivalent to 4% of your youngest child’s tuition fees
  4. The referred children can be from the same extended family but are not applicable for siblings of existing GEMS students
  5. For Pre-K January 2017 referrals  - 4% will be worked out from term 2 and term 3 tuition fees 2016-17
  6. The referrer must be a parent with a child or children already enrolled in a GEMS school
  7. Referrals have to be submitted online prior to registration & admission
  8. Referral rewards are paid once:
    • Per successful admission
    • 1st term tuition fees have been settled by both parties (Term 2 January 2017 for Pre-K referrals)
    • The student has attended school for at least 2 weeks
  9. Referral rewards are not applicable for students transferring school within the GEMS network
  10. Multiple referrals of the same student will be rewarded on a first referral – first reward basis
  11. Referred friends with children already attending a GEMS school do not qualify for this discount. – same as two points above
  12. Referrals must be for families without children at any GEMS school. – same as above
  13. Discounts or donations cannot be transferred to others, but can be donated to the School’s Parent’s Association if you would like
  14. Referral admissions are subject to the school admission & assessment policies & procedures
  15. It is essential that the referred person enters the referral reference code on the online pupil application form. This code is available from the person that is making the referral
  16. GEMS reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of the promotion.