Working With Us

At GAAQ, we take exceptional pride in recruiting educators from across the world that exhibit high-quality teaching practice, a penchant for going above-and-beyond their role and professionals that integrate themselves into a larger community.

Professional Development

We ensure that our teachers and administrators are thought leaders and stay at the forefront of innovative teaching and educational practices through a culture of professional development (PD).  The academy has a strong PD program embedded into the school schedule allowing for whole school (K – 12), divisional (Early Years, Elementary, Middle and High School) and individual learning opportunities to build capacity and skills within the teachers and leaders.  This structure is supported by an early release Thursday schedule for professional learning opportunities each week that are either led internally or through a guest speaker.  Moreover, Lower School (K – 5) has an Instructional Coach that is chiefly responsible for curriculum development and co-teaching with educators to strengthen their lesson planning and instruction.

Lastly, as we recruit from around the world, we recognize and value the expertise and experience that each faculty member brings.  Our teachers, primarily sourced from the United States and Canada, are empowered to deliver specific sessions during whole school PD days and meet regularly during the week to perfect their educational craft.

Mark Lentz

Head of School / CEO

“At GAAQ, we strive to create an academically challenging atmosphere that supports the individual needs of our students.  We know that students learn best when they are actively engaged in exciting learning opportunities.

Our core values were created to ensure our students become healthy, happy and successful adults.  Therefore, we prepare all of our students to develop into purposeful, tenacious, innovative, respectful future leaders of tomorrow’s rapidly growing world."

Working with us


Working at GAAQ

To Apply

GEMS American Academy Qatar is currently accepting resumes/CVs for the following TEACHING positions:


  • Pre-K / Nursery Teacher (Local Hire Only) - At least three (3) years of experience, a Bachelor's degree and local hire only.


  • There are no job vacancies at this time.


  • There are no job vacancies at this time.

We are always accepting teacher resumes/CVs throughout the year.  To be considered for a teaching opening, please submit the documents listed below as one complete file.  If you are submitting your application electronically, please include the position you are applying for in the Subject line and email us at [email protected].

  • Resume / CV (must include reference contact details for the most recent supervisor)
  • Teachers must be credentialed/certified with a minimum of three years full-time teaching experience
  • Bachelor's degree, required
  • All applications to include two references with complete contact details of the referee
  • Recent photograph


Current non-academic vacancies will be listed below, if applicable:   

  • There are no job vacancies at this time.

If you are qualified and have serious interest in this role, email your resume/CV to [email protected].


Anti-Discrimination Statement

GAAQ guarantees that all constituents will be considered in a manner that is respectful of individual values and beliefs, provided those values and beliefs are not in conflict with the federal laws and local regulations of Qatar. All constituents will receive individualized, considerate and respectful attention when being considered for an interview, hire, selection and/or admission to the school. Consideration and appointment are guaranteed to be free from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, gender, age, familial status and/or disability as GAAQ bases interview and hiring decisions on the merits of skill, qualifications, experience and fit for the program.

Contact: [email protected]

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