What's Happening at GAAQ? Take a Look!


Some of our notable events, accomplishments and recognition:

The Knowledge Review magazine named GEMS American Academy one of "The Top 10 Best International Schools in Qatar" for 2018!

Web Linkhttps://theknowledgereview.com/gems-american-academy-qatar-institute-offering-lot-quality-education/

Digital Linkhttp://magazine.theknowledgereview.com/The-10-Best-International-Schools-In-Qatar-2018-December2018/#page=1


It's official! GEMS American Academy is now an accredited school through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)!

It’s official - GAAQ is now accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC is an independent, voluntary, non-profit membership organization which connects and serves over 1,500 public, independent and international learning communities in the United States and worldwide. Specifically, NEASC Accreditation is a system of accountability that is ongoing, voluntary and comprehensive in scope based on a rigorous set of standards which define the characteristics of high quality, effective learning communities and encompass all aspects of a school’s operation.

The NEASC accreditation is a big part of an even bigger plan to transform student learning and growth within the GAAQ community.  In fact, GEMS American Academy Qatar has outlined a strategic 5-year plan that provides the framework to meet all strategic targets by 2024.  Thus, the school has identified 5 major learning plan goals that will guide academic and curriculum improvement over the next half-decade.  Click here to view our NEASC Accreditation page for more details.


Learn more about GEMS American Academy through this engaging and informative video!

This year, Grade 12 student Andrew Jose was selected to deliver a TEDx Youth talk on the "7 Precepts of Successful Event Organization."


Arguably, United Nations Day is the biggest day of celebration in the GAAQ community.  United Nations (UN) Day is devoted to celebrating the diversity of our student body through music and dance, cultural performances, parade of nations and the showcase of country specific booths/stalls throughout the school.  

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We introduce you to the reigning, back-to-back Battle of the Bands champions, GAAQ's very own... STEEMGATE!

Check out the band playing one of their winning selections for the judges: 


A well-deserved applause goes to our students and teachers that are leading the charge for GEMS American Academy to become one of the first eco-friendly, green schools in Qatar.  In our quest to become an approved eco-friendly/green school, 11 educators recently received professional certifications that will help guide GEMS American Academy to become an eco-school.  Also, our Advance Placement (AP) Environmental Science students presented their research and proposals to the Green Initiatives PLC. 


We are proud of every Grade 12 student at GEMS American Academy Qatar. They represent history as the first graduating class in our school’s history!  The following Grade 12 students have received college/university acceptance letters:

  1. Faris Shaheen: Accepted to George Mason University (Virginia, USA)
  2. Nur Hannani Zairi: Accepted to Michigan State University (Michigan, USA), University of Arizona (Arizona, USA) and Monash University (Australia)
  3. Zaine-Eddine Khelifa: Accepted to AFG College with the University of Aberdeen (Qatar) and George Mason University (Virginia, USA)
  4. Alan Shehadeh: Accepted to Oakland Community College (Michigan, USA)
  5. Firas Saidi: Accepted to University of Regina (Canada)
  6. Nicole Gomez: Accepted to Universidad Europea de Madrid (Spain)
  7. Omar Mohammadieh: Accepted to University of Arizona (Arizona, USA), Carleton University (Canada) and University of Manitoba (Canada)
  8. Kian Horn: Accepted to University of Greenwich and University of Westminster (UK) and Richmond, The American International University in London (UK)
  9. Alessandra Larrea: Accepted to London South Bank University (UK), Coventry University (UK) and University of Greenwich (UK)
  10. Andrew Jose: Accepted to Georgetown University Qatar (Qatar), Carnegie Mellon Qatar (Qatar) and Houston Baptist University (Texas, USA) as a recipient of the Founders Scholarship in the amount of $92,000 USD over 4 years
  11. Jad Baassiri: Accepted to Montgomery College (Maryland, USA)
  12. Abdullah Abdelhalim: Accepted to University of West London (UK) and University College of Birmingham (UK)
  13. Essam Alomar: Accepted to Carleton University - Ottawa (Canada), University of Ottawa (Canada), Concordia University (UK) University of Waterloo (Canada) and Texas A&M University Qatar (Qatar)
  14. Sami Alzabet: Accepted to Dalhousie University (Canada), Concordia University (Canada) and Carleton University (Canada)
  15. Christian Claase: Accepted to Greenwich University (UK), UWE Bristol (UK), Richmond, The American International University in London (UK), Kingston College (UK) and ARU Cambridge (UK)
  16. Ahmed Emam: Accepted to University of Hertfordshire-International College (UK), University of the West of England International College (UK), Brunel University International College (UK), University of Brighton International College (UK), Leeds Beckett University (UK) and Nottingham Trent International College (UK)
  17. Aryan Jithin: Accepted to Airways Aviation CAE Oxford (UK), London Metropolitan University (UK) and Coventry University (UK)
  18. Miguel Nogueira: Accepted to FTE Jerez (Spain) and IT Carlow (Ireland)
  19. Mohammed Taha: Accepted to International College of Manitoba (Canada), Simon Fraser International College (Canada) and Algonquin College (Canada)
  20. Eduardo Lorenzo Lopez: Accepted to Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)


Watch Grade 5 student Ceana Marianu discuss the importance of her class's field trip to Kahramaa Awareness Park.  Our students discovered how Qatar produces fresh water and power as they explored what they can do to conserve energy in their daily lives.  These learning objectives tie into the education themes of social responsibility and sustainable development.

In Grade 11, Andrew Jose created the first ever youth business conference in Qatar's history by founding QINOCON, the Qatar Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference, in 2018.  Students from Grade 8/Year 9 - Grade 12/Year 13 were invited from various schools in Qatar to learn about turning ideas into organizations and get a chance listen to the inspiring stories of real-life entrepreneurs.  Qatar's own Khalifa Al Haroon aka "Mr. Q" was one of the guest speakers who spoke at GAAQ about his journey and passion for creating ILoveQatar.net.

The first annual Language Day at #WeAreGAAQ is part of a worldwide annual observance held in February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity as well as highlight multilingualism.  This event was first announced by UNESCO in 1999 and it was formally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008, also known as the "International Year of Languages."
Our Grade 2 - Grade 5 Music Teacher, Mr. Martin Farragher, was a featured interview on both Oryx FM and then QBS Radio with Elias.  In this clip, Mr. Martin is explaining his musical background, his passion and his past and current music projects.  We are extremely proud of such talented faculty here at GAAQ!
In early February 2019, second grade classes held a tree adoption ceremony to celebrate the official adoption of one of our new palm trees in the front of the school.  Our students diligently worked together to raise the 2,000 QAR needed to adopt their tree.  They showed our core values of tenacity as they did not give up until they met their goal.  They showed purpose as they worked together to complete a special task.  They showed respect for our school by joining forces to improve our beautiful learning environment.  Therefore, a plaque was created to display the names of all students who contributed to this initiative and it will be displayed in front of our tree for many years to come.
Below, you will find a video of our Lower School students dancing to a song in honor of Qatar National Day.  This is defining day celebrated each December that commemorates the unification of Qatar in 1878 and the country's independence on 3 September 1971.  This extraordinary day has served as a time of national pride and is a driving force behind the national identity among locals and expats.  After a 2007 decree, Qatar National Day is celebrated annually on 18 December.
In honor of Qatar's public holiday, Sports Day, GEMS American Academy hosted Sports Day for our Lower School and Upper School students.  This event is commemorated every second Tuesday in the month of February.  This day is dedicated for sports and fun activities to promote the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.
GAAQ's annual Spring Festival, hosted by our Parent Association, was very successful, bringing large, diverse crowds together from Al Wakrah and neighboring municipalities/towns to enjoy food, games, the bazaar and live music and entertainment.
A BIG congratulations goes to our Grade 4 (1st Place) and Grade 5 (3rd Place) winners in the Battle of the Books competition held at Qatar Academy Al-Wakrah.  Both teams did an outstanding job and we couldn't be more proud of our scholars!
GEMS American Academy celebrated its first ever Earth Day by encouraging everyone to bring in a waste-free, meatless-free meal.  Our Parent Association made a punch wall with prizes and sold green-inspired treats.  What a way to celebrate Earth Day!
On Thursday, June 13th, history was made as our first alumni chapter was born.  We will miss you, GAAQ's first graduating class, the Class of 2019!