Medical Care

We care about our students’ health and well being.

The school health office is staffed with 2 full-time nurses whose responsibilities include administering first aid, treating minor ailments that occur during school hours, promoting health education, maintaining current vaccination and medical records, and liaising with the Qatar Health Authority.

To enable the health office to care for each child effectively, all students are required to submit health information and consent forms, along with an up-to-date copy of their immunization records, prior to their first day of attendance at school. The health office must also be advised in writing of any special medical concerns, conditions, allergies, or medications a child is taking. It is also a requirement that all students new to Doha schools undergo a medical examination. This includes a basic head-to-toe assessment, height and weight measurements, and distance and color vision checks. Our school nurse will conduct school medicals throughout the year. Should parents wish to arrange an examination with their own physician, a copy of the physician’s written medical report must be provided to the health office for their files.