Campus Contacts and Guidance

Directory information and pedestrian traffic flow guidance for our community


Front Desk / Reception 4032 9000 / 4032 9001
  [email protected]
Admissions [email protected]
Accounts [email protected]
Parent Relations [email protected]
Government Relations [email protected]
Health Office / Nurses [email protected]
Bus Transportation [email protected]
Leasing of the Facilities [email protected]
Elementary Principal [email protected]
Upper School Principal [email protected]
Personal Assistant (PA) to Principals [email protected]
Attendance [email protected]
Athletics Department [email protected]
High School Guidance Department [email protected]


Arrival Procedures

  • Students can start arriving on campus at 7:10 am.  Instruction begins at 7:30 am.
  • Arrive to campus wearing a mask (with a 2nd mask in backpack).
  • ONLY adults will show Ehteraz application – must be GREEN color.
  • Temperature is taken via thermal scanner upon entering.
  • If temperature is higher than 37.5 C, then the person waits in the holding area for re-testing and further action.
  • Students will sanitize hands.
  • Students will go directly to classrooms.  Students are NOT allowed to linger in the Atrium area.

Dismissal Procedures

From Sunday - Wednesday each week, please follow these dismissal procedures.

12:00 PM

Certain Pre-K and KG1 students can dismiss as early as 12:00pm (if these students take the early bus home).

1:00 PM

Pre-K and KG1 students will be picked-up.  These students are located in the Parent Café area.

2:00 PM

Pre-K – KG2 BUS riders will be escorted to their designated buses.

2:10 PM

Grade 1 – 12 BUS riders will go to their designated buses.  Buses will leave campus at 2:25 PM.

2:15 PM

Student Group: Grades 3 – 12

Parent Pick-Up Location: Front steps leading to school entrance

How to Pick-Up Your Child:

  • Send text message to your child that you have arrived. Teachers will approve the message and then dismiss the student. 
  • If your student does not have a phone, send an email to your child’s last period teacher. Teachers will approve the email and then dismiss the student.
  • Lower School (Grades 3 - 5): Text message your child's homeroom teacher on ClassDojo or text via phone.

      *Oldest siblings can go to classrooms to pick-up younger sibling(s)


Student Group: Grades 1 - 2

Parent Pick-Up Location: Side entrance area by furthest palm tree

How to Pick-Up Your Child:

Teacher/staff member will release child to appropriate parent/guardian.


Student Group: Pre-K – KG2

Parent Pick-Up Location: (Facing school) In front of Parent Café window

How to Pick-Up Your Child:

Teacher/staff member will retrieve your child and bring them to the appropriate parent/guardian outside.


2:30 PM

All students should be dismissed from the school campus at this time.

2:35 PM

At this time, all remaining students will be escorted to the gym.  Students will sit at a sanitized desk waiting for their dismissal.  Staff will ensure proper dismissal procedures are followed. 


Dedicated parking is available outside the campus gate for parents.

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