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As the Head of Lower School (Early Years and Elementary), I am excited to welcome you to the GAAQ website to learn about our excellent education-based community.  I have been an overseas educator since 2010 in five different countries and I am proud to be a GAAQ Raptor!  Upon joining the community for the 2021-2022 school year,  I found GAAQ to be an excellent school!  We have a strong staff of diverse teachers that bring a wealth of knowledge and joy for learning to our school. 

As you read through our site, I am sure you will see the passion for learning our educators have in addition to our whole-child focus.  We value partnering with families to foster the social-emotional and academic growth and development of all children.  We have our five core values that permeate our academic lessons and the ethos of our community; leadership, respect, innovation, purpose and tenacity are the core values that drive instruction, decision making, and our daily interactions.

We have international teachers from 15 countries, predominantly from North America (United States and Canada), who are highly trained in the American approach to education based on the Common Core standards.  Please read about each division to learn more about what makes GAAQ successful in educating young people.

We hope you can see that education starts with valuing each child and seeing each child’s potential.  We look forward to hearing from you and showing you how GAAQ is an exceptional school in Doha, Qatar. 


Mr. Jordan Scheer

Principal, Lower School



Pre-K, KG1 and KG2 Learning at GAAQ



Program Overviews

  • Early Years Program (Pre-K – KG1)

    At GEMS American Academy Qatar (GAAQ), we recognize the unique learning needs of young children and have adopted a specific curriculum as a result. For the last few years, we have been working with the Creative Curriculum and are now proud to announce that we are one of only three schools outside of the USA to be designated as a Creative Curriculum Ambassador School. 

    The Creative Curriculum delivers an age appropriate curriculum through the use of high-interest, student-centered, inquiry-based units that stimulate students’ curiosity and allow them to learn at their own pace. We firmly believe that our 3 and 4 year old students need time to learn to be people and learn how to build relationships, develop motor skills and adjust to the school day before they need to focus on hard academics. Units such as “Sand”, “Insects”, “Bread”, “Clothing” and many more grab the students’ attention and allow a deep dive into things they see in the world around them. Our units are further strengthened by regular field trips, guest speakers and “celebration days” where students can showcase their learning in a distinctive and fun manner. 

  • Elementary Program (KG2 – Grade 5)

    Our full-day academic program begins in KG2 (the equivalent to the American Kindergarten). At GAAQ, we use two core programs - Benchmark Literacy and Everyday Mathematics - to deliver the American Common Core Standards. In addition to daily literacy and math, all our students from KG2 - Grade 5 receive regular instruction in Science, Social Studies, Arabic, Islamic (for Muslim students), Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Informational Technology and Qatar History. Arabic, Islamic, and Qatar History are offered at both a native and non-native level for all students. 

    All of our core academics are taught with the whole child in mind, with an emphasis on developing their curiosity, knowledge, and character through a connection with our schools 5 Core Values - Respect, Purpose, Leadership, Innovation, and Tenacity. These values are woven into our daily lessons and learning and we are always on the lookout for students who “live our values”.  

    Also, we strive to meet all students at their level and provide them with the support and guidance they need to be successful. For students who may be struggling or have special needs, we have at Student Support Team with personnel at each grade level that provide additional academic assistance for those students. For students who are excelling and are performing at a high level, we have a Gifted and Talented program designed to provide those students with an extra challenge and opportunities to stretch their learning and holistic development. 

    Regardless of the age of students, all of our teachers provide highly-engaging, cross-curricular lessons that promote the love for learning and challenge students to take risks and learn from their mistakes.  




Grades 1 - 5 Learning at GAAQ 

Lower School Guides


English as a Second Language Support

At GAAQ, we celebrate our cultural diversity.  We have students from over 80 different countries which contributes to the multitude of mother tongues in our student body.  In many ways, our diversity enriches the classroom linguistically.  Our teachers are excellent in working with students who are acquiring English as their second, third or, in some cases, fourth language!  The teachers use various strategies including word walls, vocabulary instruction, sentence frames, visuals and realia for daily instruction.  Also, we have several teachers on staff that are language acquisition experts who work as part of the Student Support Team (SST) that help assist students in small group instruction.  These experts also assist classroom teachers in using effective strategies and resources.  At GAAQ, our team of teachers, provide a wide-ranging, skill-based approach to language acquisition.

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