At GEMS American Academy, we provide our students with a burgeoning selection of opportunities to engage in art, music and theatre, both during and after school.  Our students come away with a deep appreciation and love of the various art forms, mediums and genres.  We encourage creative expression and support our students to create, design, direct or perform, wherever their passions may lie.

Our state-of-the-art facilities with dedicated art, music and theatre spaces support in the production of professional grade content.

Elementary (Pre-K – Grade 5)

Music and art are part of the specialist subjects in the Elementary School.  In addition, the elementary students take part in winter and spring concerts and have opportunities to participate in elementary afterschool activities such as arts and crafts, dance club, spirit team, mindful coloring, winter crafts, and drama club.

Upper School (Grades 6 – 12)

Middle School and High School students can take advantage of Instrumental Music, Vocal Music & Choir and Drama.  The choir and band have seasonal concerts.  Additionally, students can take multifaceted art classes including two Advanced Placement (AP) classes: AP 2D Art and Design and AP 3D Art and Design.  Moreover, our music enthusiasts can take advantage of our dedicated woodwinds room as well as the only K – 12 music production studio in Qatar.  There are exceptional opportunities beyond the classroom walls to develop their talents to their full potential.

Overall, students have the ability to participate in band, choir, school productions and art exhibitions.


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