El Periódico

The monthly publication created by our high school Spanish students, El Periódico, is a project originally created by Spanish IV students and other collaborators that also served as an opportunity for native speakers and learners to express themselves and to feel proud of their language.

The overall idea for this publication is for students, parents and teachers to participate and share events, collaborations, news and stories that can help enrich the publication.  In general, the hope is for such a simple idea to grow organically within GAAQ and the greater Qatar community.

Below, please read their monthly publications up-to-date:

Febrero 2024

Diciembre 2023

Noviembre 2023

Octubre 2023

Junio 2023

Mayo 2023

Marzo 2023

Febrero 2023

Enero 2023

Noviembre 2022

Octubre 2022

Mayo y Junio 2022

Marzo 2022

Febrero 2022

Diciembre 2021

Novembre 2021

Octubre 2021

Septiembre 2021

Junio 2021

Mayo 2021

Abril 2021

Marzo 2021

Febrero 2021

Diciembre 2020


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