Fostering Solidarity Against Breast Cancer

GEMS American Academy Qatar Fosters Solidarity Against Breast Cancer by Justin Hamza Tyler


October 2023


GEMS American Academy Qatar (GAAQ) stands tall as a beacon of hope and unwavering dedication in the ongoing battle against breast cancer. Each October, the entire school community rallies together, unified by a noble cause that knows no bounds. This year, under the resonating theme of "solidarity," a remarkable series of activities unfolded, bringing teachers, dedicated student volunteers, the Parent Teacher Association, and esteemed community members, including West Bay Medicare and the Qatar Cancer Society, into a harmonious chorus of support.


At the heart of this profound initiative is Nadia Steyn, a passionate psychology teacher, who, in close collaboration with school principals and various community groups, meticulously crafted a week-long program packed with diverse educational activities. These activities left an impressive impact, nurturing not only knowledge but also deep engagement and heartfelt connections that will last a lifetime.


In the high school (Grades 9 to 12), students embraced a creative challenge. They decorated their classroom doors with artistic expressions of unwavering support and breast cancer awareness. Dr. Dina Shalaby, a distinguished associate gynecologist at West Bay Medicare with over a decade of experience, shared her invaluable experience with the students. Dr. Shalaby shed light on the importance of self-examination, regular screenings, early warning signs, and preventive measures. Her presentation, hosted in an intimate and cozy theater setting, resonated deeply with the high school girls.


Meanwhile, in the middle school (Grades 6 to 8), creativity and unity thrived. These young minds designed unique posters to express their emotions and thoughts about breast cancer. In a symbolic gesture of solidarity, they left their pink handprints on a giant poster in the school atrium, forging a visual testament to their shared commitment to the cause.


These engaging activities were not just about imparting knowledge; they were about forging personal connections, instilling the belief that every individual possesses immeasurable worth, nurturing active learning, and creating a trust-filled atmosphere. This atmosphere, in turn, fueled curiosity and collaboration, empowering the entire community.


To foster togetherness, GAAQ's Parent Teacher Association organized a scrumptious bake sale. Students and parents enjoyed delectable treats prepared by school parents, creating opportunities for heartfelt conversations and shared experiences over mouthwatering desserts and snacks.


The event stands as a testament to the collective efforts of our school's community. The proceeds generated by the campaign are not merely symbolic; they constitute a substantial contribution, all of which will be donated to the Qatar Cancer Society (QCS). GEMS American Academy Qatar exemplifies the true spirit of community, compassion, and making a genuine impact in the ongoing fight against breast cancer.