Core Values

At GAAQ, we have developed our core values and learning principles to empower students to attain their goals and to become successful citizens of our global community.

Our Core Values are:

Respect · Innovation · Leadership · Purpose · Tenacity

Our Learning Principles are:

  1. Goals first
  2. Developing healthy connections
  3. Authentic assessment and constructive feedback
  4. Effective use of time
  5. Nurturing independence and inquiry

GEMS American Academy believes that:

  • All people have unconditional worth and should act with self-confidence
  • Compassion and fairness promote trust and respect
  • An environment of a zero-tolerance, anti-bullying approach as well as keeping the Internet safe to use is paramount for student comfort and growth
  • The school should cultivate imagination and inspire an appreciation for learning as a joyful, lifelong pursuit
  • An atmosphere of trust enables children to question, take risks, collaborate and cultivate leadership skills
  • Significant accomplishments can be achieved through perseverance and hard work
  • Quality education empowers the individual and expands options throughout life; our staff emphasizes the benefits of holistic learning and character development
  • Our commitment to advocating teaching and respecting a diverse student body from many cultures throughout the world fosters peace, justice and global understanding

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