Student Leadership

GAAQ provides opportunities for an active, dynamic student leadership culture for our Middle School and High School students, which includes the following representative groups:

The Student Executives are responsible for the chairing of GAAQ’s Student Council and are responsible for the development of the student voice, fundraising, event management, marketing, public relations and many other important functions.  

Our Student Leaders

  • “Being elected as the President of the Student Council is a very honorable task as I get to become the voice of the student body.  I plan to serve my fellow peers by using my platform to address certain issues, create exciting events and uplift our school spirit.  Ultimately, everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, as we are all Raptors and we soar together.”

    Kayla Student Leadership

    Kayla Longland


  • “Hey Everyone, I’m Ammar Babiker and I will be your new Vice President.  It is an honor to represent GAAQ’s High School and I promise to do my best and exceed expectations that have been set for me. As VP, I promise to always get your views and opinions before making any decisions.  You deserve to have a say.  With your ideas, each and every one of you can come to me and I promise to listen and speak up for you.  I’m someone who would like to be your spokesperson and a person who cares about what you want.  You do matter and your opinion counts!”

    Ammar - Student vice president

    Ammar Babiker


  • “Absolutely nothing can be achieved in life without practicing commitment and responsibility.  Without it, I would not be where I am today.  As Treasurer, I plan on working to improve how we use our money and our budget.  I want to ensure the best quality events with what our money can buy while keeping a safe and maintained budget as my top priority.”

    Johanne Blanco - STudent Treasurer

    Zach Blanco


  • “For me, it means a lot to be elected as a Student Council Secretary. I love to work with other student members as it allows me to show my positive energy, develop friendships, gain a sense of achievement and get to know people around me better.  A student council secretary’s responsibility includes, but is not limited to: (1) ensuring that meetings are effectively organized and recorded and (2) maintaining diaries and arranging appointments.”

    Abeeha Student Secretary

    Abeeha Fawad Khan


  • “Student Council is more than just a role; it’s a responsibility and an opportunity to grow and achieve some amazing things.  I can gain a lot of experience for the future while learning new ideas and purposes.  By being a member of our respected Council, I will face a lot of challenges that will make me stronger and better.  I will bring my experience from many different parts of the school which gives me many insights and an open mind.  I strive for perfection and achievement which means I will do my best to fulfil my role as a Student Council member and a Raptor.  I will bring my listening skills, patience and I hope to promote a good reputation for our Student Council, making the 2020 – 2021 year the best to come!”

    Saad Athamneh- Student Communications Lead

    Saad Athamneh


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