Campus Contacts and Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Directory information and pedestrian traffic flow guidance for our community


Front Desk / Reception 4032 9000 / 4032 9001
  [email protected]
Admissions [email protected]
Accounts [email protected]
Parent Relations [email protected]
Government Relations [email protected]
Health Office / Nurses [email protected]
Bus Transportation [email protected]
Leasing of the Facilities [email protected]
Elementary Principal [email protected]
 Elementary, Assistant Principal [email protected] 
 Upper School Principal [email protected] 
Upper School, Assistant Principal/ Head of Middle School [email protected]
Personal Assistant (PA) to Principals [email protected]
 Executive Assistant to the Head of School [email protected] 
Attendance [email protected]
Athletics Department [email protected]
 Middle School Guidance Department  [email protected]
High School Guidance Department [email protected]

Traffic Assistance

Arrival Procedures

  • Students can start arriving on campus at 7:10 am. Classroom instruction begins at 7:30 am.
  • Arrive to campus wearing a mask.
  • ONLY adults will show Ehteraz application to enter the school building.
  • Temperature is automatically taken via thermal scanner upon entering.
  • If temperature is higher than 37.5 C, then the person waits in the holding area for re-testing and further instruction.
  • Students will sanitize hands.
  • Students will go directly to classrooms. 

Dismissal Procedures

KG2 – Grade 12

Sundays – Wednesdays dismissal: 2:15 pm

Thursdays dismissal: 1:30 pm

PK – KG2: Parents can pick-up their children directly from their classrooms. For PK – KG1 students, they can dismiss at 12:30 pm each day unless they choose to stay for regular

dismissal times at 2:15 pm (Sundays – Wednesdays) or 1:30 pm (Thursdays).

  • KG2 students dismiss at 2:15 pm, Sundays – Wednesdays.
  • KG2 students dismiss at 1:30 pm on Thursdays.

Grades 1- 2: Parents are allowed to either come around the back (like last year) or come inside and pick-up their children from the Upper School cafeteria/canteen area (ground floor).

Grades 3 – 4: Parents can pick-up their children from the Lower School cafeteria/canteen area (ground floor).

Grade 5: Parents can pick-up their children from the elementary mini-gym (ground floor).

Grades 6 – 12: Students can dismiss from their last period class as a group.


Dedicated parking is available outside the campus gate for parents.

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